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From the design

to implementation

Design and production of forming tools

We have the extensive experience in designing for the automotive industry. We have completed projects of tools for the production of elements that are included in, among others: seats, engine covers, safety systems, car body parts. We have great technical capabilities to provide services in the field of machining. The production hall is equipped with the modern machinery and infrastructure that fulfills the highest European standards, including machining and heat treatment equipment located on the premises of the plant, i.e.

- hardening,
- carburizing,
- nitriding,
- PVD coatings.

Design and production of forming tools
The experience in the production of stamping dies is the key to the proper operation of our devices.

The experience in the production of stamping dies is the key to the proper operation of our devices.

We build the progressive dies, manual and automatic transfers, dies and measurement gauges.


Regeneration of injection moulds and cutting elements

We focus on the most modern technology available on the market in the field of regeneration of injection molds and cutting elements implemented as part of JG Form Tools.

We use a laser micro tuber which compared to the classic methods of surfacing enables the repair of micro cracks or joining elements of very small shapes without causing deformation. Thanks to micro-welding we are able to regenerate the smallest micro-cracks.

Implementation of control and measurement devices

What distinguishes our projects is the hybrid nature of the components. The use of tungsten carbide elements in combination with steel is a unique solution. It allows to increase the hardness and extend the life of the device.

The benefits for the client:

✔️ cost reduction thanks to the extreme durability of the materials used
✔️ even several times longer lifetime of the device compared to competing solutions
✔️ acceleration of the process of verification of the conformity of the execution of details in the serial production

The JG Group team consists of specialists with many years of experience in the design and production of products for military and police purposes under the internally certified quality control system and the MSWiA concession system.

Synergy for development

We focus on the most modern technology available in the market!

We use the latest technologies as far as the field of designing forming tools is concerned. We cooperate with CAMdivision - the largest and the only platinum partner in Poland, Siemens Digital Industries Software FY2021

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Support in the construction and production of forming tools.
We invite you to cooperate with our Experts.

Joanna Kowalczyk
Joanna Kowalczyk

Project manager
t: +48 505 247 425

Mirosław Ulewicz
Mirosław Ulewicz

Mechanical Structures Engineer
t: +48 81 440 83 45

Krzysztof Wojtal
Krzysztof Wojtal

JG Form Tools - production manager
t: +48 600 882 098

Our Projects - the JG effect

6 key stages of cooperation with JG FORM TOOLS

✔️ Offering
During the offer we perform the preliminary analysis and prepare a Layout on the basis of which we define the dimensions of the tool and material consumption.
✔️ Technical Documentation
We prepare technical documentation in the NX12 system. In addition with the complex shape of the detail we perform FEM simulation thanks to which we can shorten the time of adjusting the finished product.
✔️ High accuracy of execution
A modern machine park ensures the highest precision of tool elements.
✔️ Qualified staff
All our tools are made by qualified specialists with many years of experience.
✔️ Quality control
Each element made undergoes appropriate measurements in order to avoid irregularities and possible collisions.
✔️ Trials with adjustments
Our experts always participate during tests at the client's on the target press.
✔️ Design and execution are only part of the success! We adjust and test each solution so that the device we manufacture would work in accordance with the expectations and requirements of the client.

In JG Group we focus on the most modern technology available in the market. The latest generation optical measuring system that we have in our machine park allows us to provide consistent, precise control of shape and dimensions throughout the entire process chain as well as reverse engineering.